Welcome To TEAM TRU

We are thrilled to introduce Team TRU, our brand ambassador programs for TRU fans!

Team TRU offers you the opportunity to refer TRUBAR to your family, friends and followers while earning commission on each sale. You’ll also enjoy exclusive perks like brand collaborations, unique discount codes, and free products!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you look for?

We are seeking TRU Fans who share our mission of creating Indulgent Nutrition™ - enjoying delicious foods made from simple, plant-based ingredients. If this sounds like you, click apply to become a part of our Team!

Can my social accounts be private?

No, you must be public.

Where can I be located?

USA and Canada

How old should I be?

You must be 18+

Do I need a certain amount of followers to Apply?

No, you can have any follower count!

Is this paid?

It will be through affiliate link. Once certain milestones are reached, we will offer paid partnerships and opportunities to represent the TRU brand!

When will I hear back? 

If you haven´t heard back in 2-3 weeks email sam@teamtru.com

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