TRUWOMEN wants you to feel good about what you’re eating and take the shame out of indulgence. The colorful, descriptive flavors are meant to mirror a fun dessert menu.

Food is meant to be enjoyed. That’s what you told us.

Before we created TRUWOMEN, we asked hundreds of women what they wanted in a bar. We came away thinking “we need to make a bar that just tastes amazing”. Yes, we make products that are good for you. But the key is starting from a place of flavor, not numbers on a nutrition panel. We use real food in our bars and powders - ingredients that we grew up with, like cassava, brown rice, almonds and split peas - ingredients our grandmothers would recognize and that our bodies know how to process. TRUWOMEN reminds us simpler is better.

And we didn’t stop there. We built our company, hiring women in most of the leadership positions and committing to pay equity across the board. We focus every dollar the company spends on vendors that are female founded, female owned, or teams where women are equally represented. And beyond that, we ask these vendors to elevate the women in their organizations or risk losing our business to a vendor that does.

This is much more than a protein bar. It’s a movement to change culture and business practices. It is amazing to be a part of and we can’t wait to help it grow.